About Us

Hello Radix Community

We architect validators that secure the Radix network.

Radixstaking is a premier validator for the Radix network. Leveraging cutting-edge institutional architecture, we offer robust, secure and reliable infrastructure for our proof-of-stake validator node. Our team has 20+ years building and scaling secure communications networks. This background in networking, infrastructure & security combined with our commitment to decentralized technologies led to the founding of Radixstaking in 2021.

Flexible staking support with one of the most well-trusted Radix validators.

Radixstaking has supported Radix since its genesis. We believe participation is a core tenet of being a reliable network partner, which is why we run a validator open to delegation alongside one of the largest owner stakes on the network.

The most secure and reliable blockchain infrastructure for the Radix network.

We are one of the leading staking providers by volume. Our industry leading expertise in running highly secure and available infrastructure plus a delegator-first approach has earned us the trust of Radix investors worldwide. 

Please join our community, introduce yourself, ask questions and be part of the Radix revolution. 

Find us at @xrdnode on Telegram.