Hello Radix Community

We architect validators that power the Radix Ledger.

Combining experience with a desire to provide a secure, easy-to-use
& fully managed validator for Radix stakers

With deep experience in building enterprise grade cloud node infrastructure solutions, Radixstaking is one of the original providers of managed validators for Radix. Co-founders Ben & Steve have 20+ years building and scaling secure communications networks. This background in networking, infrastructure & security combined with our commitment to decentralized technologies led to the founding of Radixstaking in 2021.


Leveraging cutting-edge enterprise architecture, we offer a robust, secure and reliable validator. We put a great emphasis on technical correctness, sound systems architecture, security, and overall operational excellence.



A dedicated Validator for optimal connectivity, security and performance

For the Radix, the design process, documentation and knowledge sharing are critical for our successful validator operations. Our vision is for Radix holders worldwide to leverage our infrastructure to reduce their risk and maximize their rewards when staking their tokens. We aim to reduce the complexity of staking by providing a simple, secure & highly available enterprise-grade managed solution.


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