Staking Fundamentals

The core concepts of POKT Staking


Introduction to POKT Staking

The primary way for POKT holders to earn rewards is to run a validator node. Stakers earn rewards for fulfilling API requests for Web3 applications on a per request basis. In exchange for servicing these relays, nodes are rewarded in POKT. Each relay mints 0.01 POKT with service nodes receiving the large majority of tokens (89%). Pocket adjusts its rewards dynamically based on the underlying market demand of API relays. As a fully managed hosted nodes provider, we offer an easy and accessible way for POKT holders to stake and securely earn rewards.


Why Stake?

Staking POKT generates rewards by servicing relays for Web3 applications. Current estimates project significant rewards for Pocket node operators. For an initial  stake of 15,000 POKT, this represents the potential to earn upwards of 15,000+ POKT per validator in the first year of staking alone. When making a financial decision to stake, an investor must consider the following factors:

  • Security of hosted nodes and validator keys

  • Node connectivity and performance

  • Fees and custody level of a staking service

Each factor is linked to a number of challenges when providing a comprehensive staking solution. At Pokt Cash, we address all these factors in order to create simple, secure & profitable staking service.

Why Stake with Pokt Cash?

As a fully managed node provider for staking on the Pocket Network, we offer an easy and accessible way for POKT holders to stake and securely earn rewards. Our managed validator nodes ensure consistent connectivity, optimizing returns and minimize risks. We offer stakers the chance to earn rewards with the utmost convenience, privacy and security.

How to Start Staking

  • Fill out our contact form indicating your interest & desired number of nodes.

  • Upon confirmation that your node is provisioned, send 15,050 POKT directly to your designated node's public wallet address.

  • Your node is then staked & will start earning rewards as soon as relays are serviced.

Contact us to spin up your full nodes today.

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